Your Getaway’s Not Faraway

I got a massage while vacationing at the Four Seasons Resort at Punta Mita, Mexico. I didn't know it then, but that massage was just about enjoying the scenery. Kate's massages are about quality, relaxation, and restoration of health and wellness. 

- Scott P. 

 Attentive. Soothing. Caring. Gifted. These are only a few words that describe Kate Reuter. She reads you, even without words spoken. She's definitely Holistic in her therapy. She asks questions like "How has your sleep been lately" and "What is your water intake like" or "What color do you see, without thinking about it, when we talk about your pain?" It all comes together, it all makes sense. She's awesome and I recommend her to everyone!

- Anne S.

I'm a diabetic under my doctor's care. I've been receiving massage from Kate regularly for a year. I always feel wonderful after my massages with her and she asked me to check my blood sugar level before and after the massage. My level was borderline okay before the massage and dropped to perfect according to the reading right after the massage. This is amazing. I recommend Kate to all. She actually takes care of several of my family members every month.


I started with Katie Reuter as my massage therapist over two years ago. She was recommended by a dear friend, so I knew she had to be good at what she does.

I found Kate to be a warm and personable professional. She is attentive to her client's needs and checks in frequently to ensure your comfort. Working with the right professional allows for deep relaxation, soothing tensions, relaxing the muscles and provides for a balanced outlook on life.

I have felt Kate's nurturing touch and genuine tactile translation of security and physical comfort. I highly recommend Katie Reuter as she is a true professional Licensed Massage Therapist.

- Rita M.

Katie has played an instrumental part in my emotional healing. Through her therapeutic massage sessions, I have found the peace and strength necessary to move on with my life and leave behind emotional wounds. I look forward to my monthly massages with Katie as I know these sessions help to provide the inner balance I need to live a happy life.

- Clare T.

 My occupation requires strenuous physical labor. Kate massages the knots out of my back and neck on a monthly basis which keeps me going and feeling great! I definitely recommend her to everyone.

- John C.

You should get a massage from Kate Reuter because she is a GREAT massage therapist. She will ask you how the pressure is for you and trust me, you'll zone out within 15 minutes!

- Noah R.


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