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About the Practitioner

Welcome to Gold Leaf Spa! My name is Kate Reuter, Licensed Massage Therapist and owner of Gold Leaf Spa which opened in 2013. I received my education at The Onondaga School For Therapeutic Massage in Rochester, New York. After taking the New York State Board Exam, I received my license from The NYS Department of Education. I have been an independent practitioner for nine years.

My philosophy - which I share with everyone - is that our body and our mind go hand-in-hand and follow the other. When an individual receives therapeutic massage, a balance takes place. As the body relaxes, the mind automatically calms and quiets itself. In return, as the mind finds peace, the body follows and experiences peaceful, rejuvenating relaxation. I have a deep respect for the need to balance the body and the mind.

Every person that comes to my table is a unique sculpture. I feel I have a special gift for creating a peaceful healing massage experience. While massaging away the knots, tightness and tension that the body holds, a comfortable warm energy is naturally placed upon each person to achieve balance of body, mind and spirit.

Being a Massage Therapist is more than a profession for me. It's a purpose. I believe wholeheartedly in the numerous benefits that therapeutic massage provides. It's a healthy, natural way to help us feel and be our best.


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