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I am very pleased to offer $20 off on a regular basis for college students. Your one-hour massage will be $45 instead of $65! When you call to book your massage appointment with me, simply give me your name as it is on your college registration, the name of the college you are attending, and your student number.

Book your massage for the next time you are home for your break. You'll return to school feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Keep up the great work, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

"What sculpture is to a block of  marble, education is to the human soul. The philosopher, the saint, the hero, the wise, and the good, or the great, very often lie hid and concealed in a plebeian, which a proper education might have disinterred and brought to light."               - Addison

 Kate Reuter, LMT      

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